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Pre-trip training

Pre-trip trainingPre-trip training is perhaps the most vital part in ensuring that the outreach campaign is a success. Here are some tools and resources to use before the event kicks off so youth group kids are excited and ready-to-go.

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3-weeks of pre-trip youth group lessons

Here are three weeks of free lessons for your youth groups to use in the weeks leading up to the actual trip. Written by Brian Ford, these lessons are available both in Word and PDF format.

PDFDownload "Sharing Christ through Social Media" PDF

WordDownload "Sharing Christ through Social Media" Doc

Go Wide Kit

Go WideGreg Stier takes a couple DVD sessions to teach the Go Wide strategy, that is, to spread the message of salvation to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28:19-20). He’s not only motivational, he gives practical training on how to actually share Christ with an old friend or a new acquaintance: Pray, Peruse, Persuade. Teens will learn how to pray for their friends who don’t know Jesus, pursue their current relationships on a deeper spiritual level (AKA “bring God up”) and persuade their friends to come to Christ and connect to your youth group. The discussion guide then helps kids place faces and names to the strategy in their own lives. Learn more about it on Dare 2 Share’s website.

How to share your faith with…

Have friends who are atheists? Agnostics? Into Wicca? Or New Age? Which of these belief systems have you encountered before? Did you talk to them about what they believe? Were you able to share the gospel with them? Fourteen predominate worldviews are explored, providing insights on how to be effective in sharing your faith with others.

Which one of your friends do you want to share your faith with?

Shreddin the Gnar

Shreddin' the GnarDuring the filming of the spiritual reality series GOSPEL Journey Maui, authors Zane Black (a.k.a. the Surfer) and Greg Stier (a.k.a. the Preacher Man) adapted the surfing term shreddin the gnar to describe going big, going all out, and doing whatever it takes to engage others in spiritual dialogue.

Listen in on Zane and Greg’s candid conversation as they discuss how to talk to people about God with love and respect. Shreddin the Gnar will challenge and equip you to dive into deep, radical spiritual conversations. Get it here.

Culture Commission

Find the latest article on the hottest movies, songs and trends to learn how you can use them to bring Jesus up naturally with your friends. Use the buzz in current teen culture to initiate God-talk with your friends or in your youth ministry. Read the latest Culture Commission at Dare2Share’s website for ideas on how to use the latest news in pop culture to spark spiritual conversations.

Dare 2 Share Book

Dare2 Share BookA field-guide to sharing your faith with anyone, anytime, anywhere! This book will motivate and equip your teens as you each discover your own unique sharing style. The book includes conversation starters, complements and common ground to help you launch into spiritual dialogue with your friends. Get it here.

Download the FREE Study Guide PDF

Venti Jesus Please

Venti Jesus PleaseTold from the perspective of the atheist teen, this quick, short read provides a clear, concise and compelling gospel message for today’s teens. Read it yourself – it will motivate you and model how to share your faith in a natural, conversational style! Then pass it along to your friends who don’t know Jesus and use it as a conversation starter for bringing God up! Get it here.