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Photo albumsPhotographs can be powerful tools to help you engage with the spiritual stories in people’s lives. Something unique happens when we look at an image. A photo evokes emotions and often stirs up a response in us. It conjures up associations that are as unique as we are because our experience shapes what we see.

Photos can help people express themselves, and be more open to share their lives and where they are at in their spiritual journeys.

Use these individual pictures and photo albums to upload to your profile. Tag some pre-saved friends and ask them to give you some feedback in the comments below the images.

Submit your own
If you have some good pictures and photo albums that may be helpful for others to use to share Christ online, send it to us so we can add it here.

Interpretive photos

Upload pictures to your profiles or even entire photo albums, tag some unsaved friends, and ask them questions like:

  • Which image best describes your life right now?
  • Which image best portrays what you wish were a part of your life?
  • Which image best describes God?
  • Which image best describes what you’ve experienced spiritually?
  • Which image best describes what you wish were true of your spiritual life/journey?

Michael Rothermel, a high school student in Pennsylvania, did a photo shoot of some interpretive photography for you guys to use during this missions trip.

Photo Galleries

  • Stress and Time Demands – The theme is stress and all the tasks that demand our time, but true peace comes from spending time with the Lord and His Word.
  • Miscellaneous photos – Random photos you can use on your Facebook profiles to bring God up to your unsaved friends.

Gospel PhotoBook

We’d love to have a ready-to-go photo album for teens to upload to their Facebook and MySpace profiles where friends can click through each image and see the plan of salvation laid out clearly as a sort of “photobook.” If you’re willing to put it together, send it to us!