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Oleg Firer: How Oleg Firer reached new levels of achievement with Internet Element?

Oleg Firer is a pioneer and a veteran executive with expertise in foreign affairs, business dealings, investment banking, cellular technology, and logistics. When Net Element obtained the firm, Mr. Firer was the Executive Chairman of Unified Payments from its establishment until April 2013. Over three years, Unified Payments’ sales increased by 23,646 per cent under his rule. In 2012, the firm was appointed the fastest-growing business by Inc.. Magazine. Mr. Firer inhabited senior management roles in private equity, money processing, cellular networking, and technology companies before beginning Unified Payments.

Ukraine is where Oleg Firer was born. His Jewish relatives, on the other hand, wanted to leave the Soviet Union. His dad employed as a gym coach, and his mother was a bank teller. They had a challenging journey that brought them over Austria and Italy before coming in Brooklyn. When he was younger, his family did not have much income. His dad was a physical therapy assistant, and his mom worked for a nonprofit. He was always working, taking on odd jobs wherever he could. He’s got a good memory and is a fast learner, and he remembers it all in good detail.


Oleg firer climbed up from gritty communities like Brighton Beach and Coney Island, where he lived in tiny flats, He became more powerful because of his own upbringing there, He’d already set higher standards for himself instead of for everybody around him, Rather than being included in narcotics or violence, he concentrated on diligence and education, When he turned 16, he had his first actual employment as a sales representative for The Wiz, He was the shop’s youngest boss at the time he was 17, After Cablevision purchased the company , he began his own wireless networks company, He believed heading into business school, but he was still earning so much money.

As mobiles and other smart devices have become more integrated, the mobile payment market has increased during the last two decades. Not only has this expansion made it possible for clients to compensate for services and products, but it has also made it simpler for small companies to do business. As opposed to want a physical address using a designated credit card terminal, entrepreneurs can now offer their merchandise everywhere there is a cellular connection.

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