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New believer follow-up

New believer follow-upWhen a teenager enters into the family of God, it’s critical that you follow-up with that person and help them get started in their walk with Christ. Here are some materials you can use to do so.

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If you know of some good follow-up material to recommend for others to use, send it to us so we can add it here.

Now That You Believe: A basic Belief Series for the New Christian

This series is for new believers (or for Christians not as familiar with the Bible as they would like to be). This kind of study is important for two reasons: 1) because of the enemy’s strategy; and 2) because of God’s purpose. The enemy’s strategy is to deceive, distract, and destroy. They want to keep the unsaved lost and believers ineffective in reaching the lost and ministering to each other. One of his major tactics in accomplishing this is to lure new believers into false doctrines or teachings. The second reason why this study is so vital is because of God’s purpose. His purpose is that each new believer grows into a spiritually mature person.

What’s Next?

What's next?
A 4-week video series from geared specifically for youth. Includes 4 teaching DVD downloads for free (site registration requires). Download it here.

Description: When you complete elementary school, the next step is junior high. When you complete junior high, the next step is high school. What happens when you make a decision to follow Christ? What is the next step? Join us as we check out “WHAT’S NEXT” in our relationship with God.

Welcome to the Family has a free book available for download called, “Welcome to the Family,” by Youth for Christ. It’s 6 chapters long and would work perfectly for introducing a new believer to their faith in Christ. It works best in a one-on-one format, but it could also be used in a small group. Download it from