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Event invites

Event invitesPlan an event or teaching series for your youth group to start right after the 2-week missions trip is over as a way to help transition your unsaved or newly saved friends into a community of believers. Facebook event invites are a perfect way to spread the news and invite your friends to participate! Here are some event and teaching series ideas to get you started.

Submit your own
If you have a good event idea that may be helpful for other youth groups to do after the missions trip as follow-up, send it to us so we can add it here.

So you’re dead. Now what?

So you're dead. Now what?
A 4-week video teaching series from Includes video downloads, small group discussion questions, lesson outline and transcript, promotional materials, and more all for free (site registration required). Download it here.

Description: The afterlife is cloaked in mystery. What happens moments after we die? What is Heaven really like? What about Hell? And does what we do in this world really matter in the next? Join us as we uncover the life-altering answers to these questions in So You’re Dead…Now What?

What’s Next?

What's next?
A 4-week video series from geared specifically for youth. Includes 4 teaching DVD downloads for free (site registration requires). Download it here.

Description: When you complete elementary school, the next step is junior high. When you complete junior high, the next step is high school. What happens when you make a decision to follow Christ? What is the next step? Join us as we check out “WHAT’S NEXT” in our relationship with God.

Gospel Journey: Maui

Dare 2 Share posted an ad on Craig’s List to intentionally gather together a group of young strangers comprised of a Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Mormon, and Muslim; then filmed their controversial, spiritual conversations while living together in a Hawaiian beach house for an entire week.

Gospel Journey MauiGOSPEL Journey® Maui is an unscripted, directed, and dangerous tropical reality series, designed to initiate conversation about various religious beliefs. The cast was comprised of seven young adults, between the ages of 18-28, who met up with Greg Stier, nationally-recognized speaker and founder of Dare 2 Share, for this adventure.

The GOSPEL Journey Maui product is a DVD-based reality series youth group curriculum kit. The kit is designed to motivate and train the entire youth group for outreach by exposing them to real and raw spiritual conversations in the context of the reality series. Additionally, the DVD serves as an outreach series to which students can comfortably invite their unreached friends for stimulating and engaging spiritual conversation.

The kit costs $149 and includes 9 DVD sessions, a leaders guide to use this series as an outreach or as a discipleship teaching series, invitation cards, posters, stickers, prayer cards, a book, and more. Order here or find out more information.

The Passion of the Christ DVD curriculum

A four week youth ministry resource designed to utilize The Passion of the Christ movie as an outreach and teaching tool. This effective and thought provoking material presents the final 12 hours in the life of Christ.

Livin’ It DVD outreach curriculum

Four weeks of youth group curriculum that coincide with the Livin’ ItDVD, an awesome action footage DVD with testimonies from Christian skaters and BMX’ers. Livin’ It is a great tool to reach typically unchurched teens. The Livin’ It DVD is available for purchase. The Livin’ It curriculum resource is available free of charge and enables youth leaders to use the DVD as a series of outreach meetings.