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Have questions for a youth pastor?

MinistryQuestions.comLast week I released a new website called

There are hundreds of youth workers and youth pastors on the site every day, so if you’re a teen and have questions for them, there’s an entire category there dedicated to you called “Teen questions for adults.” It’s a great place to get real, honest answers from youth pastors.

If you’re a youth worker, this is the perfect place for you to ask questions and get almost instant feedback, advice, ideas and suggestions for any question you can think of that’s related to ministry. Take some time to answer other people’s questions, too.

Check it out:


  1. Michelle wrote
    at 2:37 pm - 28th August 2009 Permalink

    Since I was young, I grew up in the Christian faith. However, being at college was a real eye opener and somewhere within the experience I began to doubt that God exists. I don’t know what to do or how to stop myself from doubting. It’s been six months and although I haven’t been perfect (actually far from perfect) I have attempted reading the Bible one chapter a day for a while. Recently I started praying without yelling at God why he wasn’t showing up and helping me with my disbelief. I asked my college pastor, who said she felt that God was going to draw me closer to him over the summer. Then over the summer I asked my mother, who I consider is a devoted Christian, and she said that this must be some sort of phase that I needed to get over. Therefore, I’m completely stuck. I pray and ask God if he would just help my disbelief or let me know he’s really there. But nothing has happened and nothing is happening. I keep asking and listening to pastors preaching and try to do what they’re saying. The truth be told is that I have no connection with God and I’m not stupid enough to believe that a relationship is a one way street. I’m running out of answers and just holding on to the slightest chance that may exist that God is out there, so what do I do?

  2. zach wrote
    at 9:17 am - 28th October 2009 Permalink

    Michelle, i am also a college student who has been raised in a Christian household. Fortunatly i attend a christian university, although at times it doesnt always seem that way! lol! anyways i just wanted to say that to me it sounds like the people you have talked to do not know what to say to you and have just given you cop-out answers because they are to afraid to tell you that they DONT know what to tell you! im not saying i hvae the answers either. but what i do know is that a lot of times when i felt like God wasnt with me, or wasnt helping me i was just to wrapped up in myself to realize he was right beside me, hes not going to show up in some magnificent way, he will be in the small quite things, just like with Elijah, God didnt come in the wond, or fire, or earthquake, he was in the still small voice, and some people interpret that to mean the sound of sheer silence. im not trying to really tell you anything except to look for God in the places you wouldnt expect him, in the ways you wouldnt think about, and most of all never give up! if you want something good to read about that may help some read the book of Job


  3. zach wrote
    at 9:20 am - 28th October 2009 Permalink

    i will be praying for you!


  4. tomilehin babafemi wrote
    at 7:30 am - 3rd September 2010 Permalink

    pls,i am a girl of 16years,i want to know if it is bad for a teenager like me to go out wit a boy?i also want to kno if it is bad for me to kiss a boy i love becuz the bible only said that we should’nt have premarital sex.tanks.

  5. tomilehin babafemi wrote
    at 7:43 am - 3rd September 2010 Permalink

    pls am really xpectin an ans to the ques i gave u.

  6. Nikki wrote
    at 6:03 pm - 29th December 2010 Permalink

    So I would rather not spill everything out over the internet so everyone can see. But i have a youth pastor at my church it is just i am nervous to talk to him. one time i was talking to him and he told me i need to start being more mature and stuff so now youth isn’t fun or anything it is like a workout.. anywho im afraid if i talk to him i will be a pest or immature for not being able to deal with the problems on my own.. so if you could email me it be a great help. thanks

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