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How one youth group uses YouTube to share Christ online

The youth group at Bucyrus Free Will Baptist Church in Ohio creates a lot of decent videos that they post on YouTube to share Christ with others. A lot of these videos could be used to one your Facebook profiles or tweeted during the Online Missions Trip to help spark spiritual conversations with unsaved friends.

Check out their YouTube channel, Youth on the Rock.

[ht to Brian Ford]

Official Twitter OMT Hashtag

If any of you all use Twitter, use the hashtag #OMTrip when tweeting about the Online Missions Trip. It’ll pool all the tweets about the OMTrip together in one search.

Once people start using the hashtag on Twitter, you can see all the latest tweets about the Online Missions Trip here on Twitter.

We’re helping fulfill THE Cause

THE CauseWith the Online Missions Trip only weeks away, we want to remind you that this is not necessarily a once-a-year deal. Our hope is that sharing your faith through the communication mediums you use will become a natural part of your life. This is just an annual event to help encourage you to do that.

The Online Missions Trip is really part of something much bigger, a holy calling of God to share Christ with the people around us. Dare 2 Share Ministries calls it, THE Cause. If you haven’t checked it out already, watch the video on THE Cause’s website and start thinking of ways how you can advance THE Cause, not just with the Online Missions Trip, but as a lifestyle of honoring God with your living and spoken testimony.

The Evangelical Covenant Church denomination announces the OMT

Today the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination officially announced the 2010 Online Missions Trip on their newswire. Check it out here.

Videos you gotta see about the 2010 trip

Just got the 2010 Online Missions Trip overview video uploaded and published to YouTube! Check it out!

If you’d like to use this video somehow to help promote the Online Missions Trip with your youth group, you can download the original video files here:

Also, you gotta see this video about social media. What we’re doing with the Online Missions Trip truly comes at a critical time.

Dates for the next Online Missions Trip

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch with you all. Hope your summer is going great as many of go on mission trips, camps and such.

Speaking of mission trips, our next Online Missions Trip is scheduled for January 31 to February 13, 2010! It will follow basically the same format as last year.

We’re working on getting our website updated with information, a new welcome video, resources and ideas, but in the meantime, please join our Facebook page. We will be using that to communicate with you all for the next Online Missions Trip instead of this group. So if you want to get info, connect with others who are going on the Online Missions Trip, and stay up-to-date, switch over to our Facebook page.

Looking forward to joining you all in using social media to share Christ!

Make the OMT happen every month or two? Want your input!

Despite the short notice, we had a great time last night debriefing about the Online Missions Trip! Thanks to everyone who participated! We shared some cool stories, discussed how it worked in our youth groups, vented some frustrations, and gave suggestions for how to improve it.

Mark Matlock recommended that we continue to build momentum by doing the Online Missions Trip every month or two, both individually and with our youth groups.

Questions I have about that:

  • Would doing the Online Missions Trip every month or two remove some of the significance of such an event?
  • Would doing it annually fit better into your youth ministry schedules?
  • Should we leave the scheduling and dates up to individual groups?
  • Would you and your youth group commit to the Online Missions Trip on an on-going basis?

If the Online Missions Trip experience moves from an annual basis to something more frequent, I would definitely appreciate some help with promotion, answering questions, collecting data, keeping the site updated with new resources and ideas, and finding ways to help kids take this seriously for an ongoing basis.

I’d love to hear your input in the comments below.

LIVE debriefing conversation TONIGHT about the OMT

Tonight at 8:00 PM EST join me and others who participated in the Online Missions Trip for a LIVE conversation! Share stories, give feedback, and give input into the event for next year.

You can access the conversation two ways:

1. Go to the link below and join the live chat room where you can listen to the conversation and interact via your computer.

2. Call (724) 444-7444 and enter ID 19105. If you have a pin number, you’ll be asked for it. If not, no big deal. You can join the conversation either way.

The phone call is free, although long-distance charges may apply.

Hope to talk with you tonight!

Have questions for a youth pastor?

MinistryQuestions.comLast week I released a new website called

There are hundreds of youth workers and youth pastors on the site every day, so if you’re a teen and have questions for them, there’s an entire category there dedicated to you called “Teen questions for adults.” It’s a great place to get real, honest answers from youth pastors.

If you’re a youth worker, this is the perfect place for you to ask questions and get almost instant feedback, advice, ideas and suggestions for any question you can think of that’s related to ministry. Take some time to answer other people’s questions, too.

Check it out:

It’s unofficially over!

It’s not really over

Just because the Online Missions Trip campaign is over doesn’t mean that your conversations with unsaved friends needs to stop now. In fact, this should only be the beginning. Continue to use social media and conversations to “bring God up” with your friends both online and face-to-face because their eternity depends on it.

So now what?

If any of your friends made decisions to receive Christ over the last two weeks, check out some of the follow-up resources we have available for you to use for the next several weeks with that individual. It’s important that you help them start growing and understanding more about what this whole Christianity thing is all about.

There’s also resources there for your youth group to use for discussions and large-group follow-up. Check it out.

Looking for your stories

We would absolutely love to hear your stories about the Online Missions Trip. How did you see God work? What was the hardest part? How difficult was it? Did any of your friends come to know Christ? Anything and everything you want to tell us, we want to hear! If you want it to be public, post it in the comments below or on our Facebook group. If you want your story to be private between just you and us, use this form to share it.

Want to be interviewed?

Outreach Magazine is writing a story on the Online Missions Trip and wants some stories from teenagers about their experience on the trip. If you have a story to share, comment below or use our form to contact us. I’d love to hear your story and put them in touch with you.

Also looking for your feedback

Not only do we want to hear your stories, but we also greatly value your feedback, input, suggestions, and recommendations. It looks like we’re planning to do this again next year, so how can you help us make it better for when that time comes? Again, comment below or use the contact form.

We’re also planning to have a LIVE conversation about it sometime soon where students and youth leaders alike can all join together and talk about their experiences and give feedback for next time. Stay tuned to this blog for that.

Internet Evangelism Day

April 26, 2009 is set as Internet Evangelism Day for this year. It’s kinda like the Online Missions Trip, but it’s only for 1 day. Check it out at