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Blog posts

Blog postsWrite a note in Facebook or a blog post sharing your testimony, how God’s been working in your life lately, how you’re praying for someone, or whatever. Tag your unsaved friends and discuss it with them in the comments below your post. Here are some ideas you use use.

Submit your own
If you have some good blog posts and or know of some online that may be helpful for others to use for sharing Christ with unsaved friends, send it to us so we can add it here.

Links and resources

Ideas you could write about

  • How has the Bible made an impact in your life?
  • What difference does God’s forgiveness make in your life?
  • What does knowing Jesus mean to you? How has Jesus saved you?
  • In what way has the Bible been relevant to you?
  • How do you live out your faith as a Christian teen/Christian youth?
  • Do you relate to a specific Bible character or Bible verse? How so?
  • Has knowing what God says in the Bible helped you to forgive someone who has wronged you? How has God forgiven you?
  • Describe what you think about Jesus.
  • How do you know that you’ll be in heaven on day?