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Best Screenprinting: Serigraphie Sur Verre

Once it comes to high quality picture printing on materials such as clothes, serigraphy is the most popular process among the companies and people too. Why? Well, since it’s quick, efficient and creates quite the impressive amount of colors in the surfaces it presses. However, an individual would wonder just how the exact same is used on various substances apart from fabric, such as wood or metal, or plastic. The answer is easy: UV Screen Printing. This procedure uses a fill blade, also called”Squegee”, which in general, or in average conditions, is composed of either polyester mesh or stainless steel so as to push ink through a screen.

This may also mean that UV ink is far more environmental friendly. Why? The absence of solvents means that no toxic fumes, even since the ore are not being released on press. In any situation, if it’s possible to fit something in to the press, it can be published on as well. And while processing serigraphie sur metal and glass, or fabric even, they have been a lot more time efficient. UV inks dry up nearly immediately when being exposed to UV lights, and moreover it also does not dry on the displays either, therefore it can not waste any ink.

UV ink for Serigraphie does not have this problem. Why so? UV inks are very popular chiefly due to their instant curing properties. What exactly does that even mean? Well, uv-lights enable the ink to instantly dry on the outside without being forced to add water coat o solvents. When employed on smooth surfaces such as serigraphie sur metal, the ink dries up without even the need to settle in. Ergo, it makes it an ideal choice to make images on the simpler surfaces such as glass or metal.

Be it on metal, fabric or paper, UV ink produces far more vibrant graphics because it doesn’t devote some time to dry. Which usually means that the ink doesn’t loosen and settle, thus producing the original graphic and color mixes with no compromise. Thus, whether it is a sign print, fabric printing or business cards and name plates, it creates striking graphics with no delay.

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