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24/7 Prayer Room

Prayer RoomThe most critical element of any event is prayer, especially when asking the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of unbelievers.

Romans 10:1 says, “Brothers, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.”

The word prayer here means “to beg.” Literally, Paul is saying, “I am begging God that the Israelites may be saved.” When was the last time you begged God for anything, let alone for one of your friends who doesn’t know Jesus to trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior? We need to beg God for the souls of our friends!

Samuel Chadwick said, “Satan laughs at our plans, he mocks at our work, but he trembles when we pray.”

There’s something about prayer that taps on the shoulder of God, the ruler of the universe, and causes Him to act. When we pray and beg God on behalf of our friends who don’t know Christ, He acts. All of our plans and all of our work are meaningless without the Lord working. So, we are going to saturate this Online Missions Trip in prayer, knowing that all our work is pointless without Him working through us and in the lives of our friends.

Sign up to pray!

Click the button below to open our 24/7 Prayer Room. Sign up for a time-slot where you’ll commit to praying for an hour for all the teenagers and youth leaders who are involved in this outreach campaign, for all the teens who hearing about Christ, and for the Holy Spirit to be actively working in the lives of unbelievers. You can sign up as an individual or as a group. Both teenagers and leaders are invited to pray.